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Why is our soil so depleted

Why is our Soil so depleted of Minerals

There are about 5 reasons why the nutrition is going out of our soil and, consequently, out of our food.

First, our soil is eroding. We’re losing all of our fertile topsoil due to erosion. Soil erosion is caused by the bulldozing, burning, and cultivation of the plant material that was used to nourish the soil and the removal of the kind of plant cover fertile topsoil Read the rest of this entry

Why do we need Minerals

IF perchance you already know all about 'natural minerals' and the importance to our general health & fitness then may I apologise before I beginBUT – my experience so far has been that whilst virtually everyone has heard the phrase "5-a-day" and WHAT it means they really do NOT know the significance and importance of Read the rest of this entry

About “The Old Fella”

My name is – “Ron” – (Known to my colleagues as “The Old Fella”).

A retired Pensioner – (now an ‘octogenarian’.) living a healthy lifestyle thanks to the wonders of Natural Minerals

I hope you will read my story and be encouraged to check into Read the rest of this entry


Every Question About Your Health Deserves An Honest Answer…

Today we have so much more illness and disease in society, and the fact is, we cant give our bodies the nutrient and raw building blocks of life to keep our health at its best just with food.
Our shelves are filled with expensive over processed , nutritionally bankrupt food, due to soil depletion and Read the rest of this entry