To educate the world about the significance of Plant Derived Minerals for optimum health.

To become the world leader in cutting edge nutrition with unique natural products.

To achieve our first milestone goal of mineralising 1% of the world population with our branded

‘Simply Naturals’ Plant Derived Minerals!

To achieve our goals

We need “Distributors” who will not only share our passion for a unique product which is needed by every single person on the planet but in helping us to spread the word will inevitably end up earning a satisfactory or indeed an exceptional income.

How about a FREE Car as well as, in the longer term, assistance with a ‘mortgage’?

Yes – build your team and become a Senior Manager and the Company will fund a FREE car.

The Qualifications are not onerous either

All you need to do is gather 20 personal customers of your own plus introduce a 6 strong management team under you who between them introduce a total of 100 Customers as a group.

Of course, this is not going to happen overnight but is certainly achievable in the short term whereas the mortgage support is not such a short term project but still achievable by those who wish to achieve it.

Enough for now – apart from to add that if YOU are interested in becomeing a Distributor yourself then simply click on your Country’s flag below which will open up further information for you…..


Yours Truly

Ron (The Old Fella)